“My area of expertise is helping families to lower their power bill”

“I typically work with homeowners to help them take control of their power bill and lower the family outgoings each month”

Zane Wilson Young – Thermo Solar Director

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  • Thermodynamic box

    Mr & Mrs Eddie


    Hi Thermo Solar
    We have had our Thermodynamic Box installed for around a year now and thought we would give you some feedback. Our power bill has dropped by around 32% a month of what it was compared with the same month the previous year. When we initially signed up to have the system installed we were told roughly how much our savings we going to be and they delivered! A year on and we are still telling all our friends about this fantastic system. Thank you so much, you really have taken the sting out of our power bills.

  • Thermodynamic panels working in the snow in Dunedin

    Mr & Mrs McGrath


    “Can’t believe it really thought last night when I emptied the cylinder I’d be having a cold shower this morning but those panels and Thermodynamic Box have me lost for words
    Nice hot water even in the snow. Awesome, thanks Thermo Solar – love it”

  • Solar panel Soaking up the sun in Blenheim

    Mr & Mrs Barker


    “I have just had The Thermodynamic Box installed in my home to save money on my hot water.
    Installation was complete in less than a day with installers being very friendly and helpful to any questions I asked about the system.
    Very happy with the system, I am surprised how quite the system is even in peak hours. Would highly recommend having one installed”

  • Thermodynamic Panel soaking up the ambient heat even when its cloudy

    Brianna Gillespie


    “I purchased The Thermodynamic Box through one of their distributors and am extremely happy with savings on my hot water bill.
    Well done to the Thermodynamic Box Company for creating a fantastic product”

  • Thermodynamic Box fits nicely with limited room.

    Mr & Mrs Payne


    “A brilliant product works well definitely would recommend having one. I have saved already on my power.
    The engineers who fitted it where clean, tidy and very polite”

  • Kevin McCloud from Grand designs have to say about the Thermodynamic Box

    Kevin McCloud

    Grand designs

    My Green Hero!
    My green hero is The Thermodynamic Box. In fact, its a solar hot water system that uses phase-change technology and the associated phenomenon of latent heat to produce your domestic hot water, But I prefer to call it a magic box.

    We showed it briefly on the side on Gregory and Rebecca’s home in Cornwell the current series of Grand Designs, Where the part of the machine melded invisibly into the black cladding of the building.

    What’s special about it?
    Well, like an air sourced heat pump, it works like a fridge on reverse, but this one actually resembles a fridge backwards in that the absorption unit looks like, well, the back of a fridge, or a black minimalist radiator bolted onto the outside of your house.
    ull marks for style then and restraint. For to long, building-services engineers have taken products used in factories and sold them to consumers. It’s about time that we stopped sticking large pieces of factory engineering onto our houses that companies produced kits that isn’t ugly.

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In early 2015 I had had enough, after opening a power bill delicately as if something was going to jump out and bite me, we were stuck with a $480 power bill. I felt as if my left arm had been bitten off. How could we as a family use so much power? A phone call to the power company and a few questions later I was still lost as to why I was holding a $480 power bill.
The power company weren’t much help. I was stuck with a bill I felt I hadn’t got anything for. It wasn’t as if we were reckless with our heating or running a dryer all hours of the day. But we still got massive power bills.

I couldn’t help but…….Read more

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